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Here are some modern decorating ideas for bedroom & living room, which can increase your enthusiasm in developing the house Interior Design. With so many images that are available you can choose the appropriate print wall with the room and your personality..

Cleaning Tips for a bright kitchen

Posted by Decorator May - 15 - 2010 Comments Off

Nothing is nicer than a clean and orderly kitchen. We know it’s one of the hardest work, but we recognize its importance for aesthetic and health, as a dirty kitchen can be a source of bacteria

Painting of walls: a resource essential decorative

Posted by Decorator May - 15 - 2010 Comments Off

The color and the walls can become the decorative technique you need to give a unique atmosphere within your home. The choice of colors will help to bring depth or space, enhance the corner, dynamic environment, etc.

How should the storage area of a kitchen

Posted by Decorator May - 15 - 2010 Comments Off

Primoridial housekeeping is in a kitchen. In decorating magazines often see images of kitchens clean, unpolluted, without too many artifacts and tools on the furniture . Getting it can be easy if we enable all the storage space that is not necessary to use regularly. If you do, the cooking will be more comfortable if they also have an office, it is much more pleasant to eat in a sunny  [ Read More ]

Most forms of distribution for your kitchen furniture

Posted by Decorator May - 11 - 2010 Comments Off

As we’ve said in one of our previous articles, the proper distribution of furniture and appliances in your kitchen will determine the order, the decor , the use of the storage area and, of course, facilitate the tasks that develop in this environment of the house. Following the most successful and diverse ways to distribute the furniture of the kitchen, here are indispensable detailed guidelines to furnish large and small  [ Read More ]

Different ways of distributing the kitchen furniture

Posted by Decorator May - 7 - 2010 Comments Off

The available space and shape reserved for the kitchen environment, determine, in large part, the way in which distributed the furniture in this environment. The so-called “triangle” is indispensable, as it facilitates the cooking, is very decorative and includes the area of washing, cooking and storage, and is available with any distributions that you detailed below: In the form of “L”.

How to distribute the cooking area in a kitchen

Posted by Decorator May - 7 - 2010 Comments Off

For a kitchen is comfortable, practical and functional, it is essential for matching the distribution. Experts recommend to always create an imaginary triangle, ie a short space in hosting the three core areas of the kitchen: cooking, washing and storage. This triangular distribution avoids unnecessary travel and get that these are as short as possible, resulting in savings of time and effort. The three basic appliances in the cooking area  [ Read More ]

Compact kitchens for small apartments

Posted by Decorator May - 5 - 2010 Comments Off

There are elements that definitely can not miss in our homes that are smaller and one of them is the kitchen, that no matter how simple or sophisticated as it is, the important thing is to always help us feel more at home and obviously heat with the availability of having a meal with you when you need it. The problem probably arises when we see the size of our  [ Read More ]

Original tiles for the garden

Posted by Decorator April - 29 - 2010 Comments Off

Having a garden is neat and comfortable one of the desires that have all those who have these pleasant spaces within or outside their homes, but presumably they have can also be a headache when making cleaning, as dirt and moisture that exists in the gardens easily enter our homes. And this happens frequently, after spending a relaxing and fun time out there or after the children have spent the  [ Read More ]

Renew environments painting a single wall

Posted by Decorator April - 27 - 2010 Comments Off

There are times when it is created a great uproar at home when you decide to renew the aspect of this is that, generally, it is thought a revolution in decorative to discuss this issue. But, we have acquired experience in this area; we know that there is no need to change many things in the rooms when we want to give a new face to the interior of the  [ Read More ]