Bring the seaside home with you

Lots of people stay near the sea when they go on holiday and when the holiday is over it can disappointing to have to leave that fresh sea air, the sound of the waves and the crunch of the sand behind.

But never fear! You don’t have to. You can easily recreate seaside magic no matter how much of a landlubber you are.

There are plenty of ways you can decorate different pieces of furniture or whole rooms in your house to give it a seaside feel. Gather shells and driftwood while you’re visiting the sea and you’ll soon build up enough of a collection which you can use to decorate things like picture frames or mirrors.

You might choose to transform the kitchen into your seaside room. Using colours like blue and white can be perfect as they will remind you of summer days on the beach. You can repaint kitchen cupboards and maybe even paint the floorboards a white or light blue. You can even get a cheap
dining table
made of pine and lighten it with a bleach solution to give it a really ‘worn by the sea’

If you have a space for hanging pots and pans above the work surface you might be able to do so using ropes so that it looks like a fishing net and see if you can get some glass ball net floats to hang up there too.

If you’ve got an open plan home where you can see the kitchen from the lounge and vice versa; or a conservatory that leads off from the kitchen, it’s best to decorate the adjoining room in a similar style, so that one room doesn’t look out of character with the rest of the house. So look out for a sofas sale to find a blue or white sofa to tie in with the nautical theme.