Yummy yummy! A 3D chocolate printer!

Researchers at the Exeter University in the UK have managed to create a 3D printer that works with a delicious base material: chocolate. Most people love chocolate so if this makes it to normal households in the next 10 years this can be a great addition for everyone who is chocolate addicted and wants some nice edible home decorations. Usually chocolate lasts quite a bit, so decorations can be kept for a week or 2 before being munched. But the best occasion would probably be a party – and it’s unlikely that any chocolate will be left afterwards if you have enough people over.

Objects are created by adding layers one by one. There is no waste, as all unused ground material can be eaten. Researchers are already working on a consumer friendly device but the price will probably not be very attractive in the beginning. The research is part of a programme that supports scientific research on innovative design and use of digital technology to improve society in terms of health and social inclusion.