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Decoupage furniture

Posted by Decorator August - 26 - 2013 Comments Off

Decoupage is one kind of art that comes from 18th century and known as the best art of England and Japan. This is an art of decorating your little objects in your house to give it a unique look. Decoupage furniture always holds a great view of your house. Therefore, decoupage objects can hold a good impression to the guest and also provide a new look to your old objects.  [ Read More ]

Black wall design

Posted by Decorator August - 26 - 2013 Comments Off

Black wall design is one of most charming design and room of your apartment. Some people love to design their walls with black color. They love to use black color as it may be their favorite color as well. But, another reason of choosing black for design wall is to make your room quite different with attractive. This type of room always remain in darkness and shows a unique feeling  [ Read More ]

Kids’ Bedrooms – Ever Changing Needs

Posted by Decorator July - 30 - 2012 Comments Off

The trouble with kids and their bedroom sis a little like a donkey following a carrot on a stick; what they “really, really” want is always just tantalisingly out of reach. This seems to happen at any age. Kids are kids, and part of human development is shaping your own home environment in a safe way to practice; namely, the bedroom. But there’s always something else – something that the  [ Read More ]

Why laminate flooring is perfect for the family home

Posted by Decorator July - 9 - 2012 Comments Off

Families face particular difficulties of their own when it comes to choosing between the available options for styles and choices related to flooring in the home. Children and family pets can cause specific challenges for wear and tear, and the number of people in a family household also means that flooring has to deal with the passage of a significant number of feet during the course of a day, while  [ Read More ]

Having family to stay now that everyone’s got kids

Posted by Decorator June - 26 - 2012 Comments Off

The UK is undergoing a change. In the past, people grew up and stayed in their home towns when they became adults, preferring to live their lives out close to their family and childhood friends. This isn’t the case anymore. Nowadays, people are travelling afar to live their lives in different towns, using the new communication opportunities afforded to them through technology to keep in contact with their family and  [ Read More ]

Use of glass in interior design

Posted by Decorator May - 30 - 2012 Comments Off

One of the most important tricks of the trade of interior design is the use of light in a room. Of course, the actual lighting used is import. But using glass in your decorating and décor can increase the amount of light reflected around a room. Glass features can be used to brighten or enhance other furnishings in a room. One of the most obvious uses of glass in a  [ Read More ]

Divine Art Deco Darling!

Posted by Decorator April - 14 - 2012 Comments Off

Art-deco home decorating is a style which you either love or hate. Devotees are romantic souls who like to emulate the glamorous pre-war period of the 1920’s and 30’s when the look was at it’s height of popularity and was depicted perfectly on lavish cruise liners and in classic Hollywood movies. Taking its name from the ‘Exposition des Arts Decoratifs’ which took place in Paris in 1925, Art Deco interior  [ Read More ]

Bring the seaside home with you

Posted by Decorator March - 13 - 2012 Comments Off

Lots of people stay near the sea when they go on holiday and when the holiday is over it can disappointing to have to leave that fresh sea air, the sound of the waves and the crunch of the sand behind. But never fear! You don’t have to. You can easily recreate seaside magic no matter how much of a landlubber you are. There are plenty of ways you can  [ Read More ]

Plans for First Rotating Skyscraper Unveiled

Posted by Decorator February - 2 - 2012 Comments Off

One hundred years ago, who would have thought that buildings can be higher than 10 stories? Well, they’re a lot higher these days. But to have them turn around is totally wild of course.

A Paint That Can Cut Your Heating Bills?

Posted by Decorator January - 18 - 2012 Comments Off

Amazing innovations are making the world of paint an exciting place to be at the moment. Homeowner who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and the chemical content of their living space, with a mimimum impact on the environment have much to discover. Here we look at nano paint, one of the new trends that has got the industry buzzing. Whether you’re choosing the perfect paint colour to match your  [ Read More ]

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